The Requirement

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If you only had one board for the rest of your life… this is the board!

BOLD statement I know, but this is the "one-for-all" you gotta have. The Requirement is a mid range design that is refined with a full but slightly pulled in nose and can be ordered as a swallowtail, squash or round tail. I make this board in virtually ANY fin configuration- single, 2+1, 4+1, thruster or even five fin. The wide point is placed ahead of center and has medium entry and a little more exit rocker. Stable in a wide range of conditions and designed to keep you in the water and on waves. Ride this board 12” above your height or in the 7-8’ range and enjoy the glide. The Requirement has medium/full rails, but can be tailored to your specifications. Bottom contours are a slight rolled entry into slight single concave moving into spiral vee out the back.  I add a four channel setup in the bottom of this board to spice it up. Size ranges from 6’10” all the way up to 8’6”.


 Boards start at $1100

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