The image showcases the Runyon Surfboards logo against a scenic beach sunset backdrop, highlighting the brand's surfing heritage.
The image shows a person surfing on a wave in the ocean. The surfer is riding the wave shirtless, with a tattoo visible on their body. In the background, another person can be seen swimming or floating in the water.
The image displays a quote from Clint Runyon, the owner of Runyon Surfboards. The quote states, "I create handcrafted, one-of-a-kind surfcraft for people who are truly passionate about their surf experience." This quote highlights Runyon's approach to crafting unique, high-quality surfboards for dedicated surfers.
The image shows a surfer riding a wave in the ocean. The surfer is crouched down on the surfboard, their arms outstretched for balance as they carve through the turquoise blue water. The wave is breaking with white foamy water crashing around the surfer. The sky has a slightly hazy quality with specks of light, giving the scene an almost dreamlike or otherworldly feel.
The image captures a breathtaking sunset over a beach, with the sun appearing as a vibrant blue circle on the horizon. The sky is painted with hues of orange and pink, reflecting off the calm waters below. A few silhouetted figures can be seen on the sandy beach, adding a sense of scale and serenity to the picturesque scene.


Based in Eastern North Carolina, Runyon Surfboards believes quality craftsmanship and customer service always come first. My boards are handcrafted through every step in the building process. I shape every board by hand, that means I ACTUALLY shape your board from a raw blank! No CNC cuts or pre-shapes from a machine. I work directly with you to create the craft of your dreams, Each board is truly one of a kind and a total original to your specific needs and desires.