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The Dang Dang was developed in 2020 and has become one of my top models for 2021/22. This board is a magic carpet. It is a twin fin four channel round tail.  I designed the Dang Dang with a full front end outline but slightly pulled in rounded pin tail. I make it specifically as a twin fin setup and it works amazing! The wide point is placed ahead of center and has med/low entry and a moderate exit rocker. The Dang Dang is a mid range board that is meant to be ridden a bit shorter than a Mal or the Requirement. Ride this board 4-10” above your height or in the 6’3” to 7’4" range. The foil on this board is fairly thinned out with a flat deck and medium rail, but can be tailored to your specifications. Bottom contours are a nicely rolled entry with a light single concave through the center moving into panel vee with four channels out the back.


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