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The Cutback is a "performance" longboard (if there is such a thing). My version is made to be very nimble and provide an easy to use board with a lot of get up and go. Stable under foot and turns on a dime. The Cutback has a narrower pulled-in longboard outline and can be ordered as a squash, diamond or rounded pin tail. I make these primarily as a 4+1 or FIVE fin options but also as a 2+1.

Medium entry and substantial tail rocker allow for a ton of maneuverability. A hard chinned bottom runs most of the bottom of the board with single concave up front rolling into spiral see through the back. Rails- 50/50 up front shifting quickly into 60/40 rails through the back of the board making it super agile and quick through the water. The Cutback is an incredibly fun and functional longboard!

I    make this board with classic resin tint, pinlines, fabric inlay and an endless list of cool ideas when it comes to decking out your board. Dont hesitate to inquire about the many options we have for you. Size ranges from 8’6” all the way up to 9’6" Average size 9'x22"x3".


Boards start at $1200

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