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The Mini Hammer is the update to my original Box Top mini simmons, and it's still- Pure fun in the most compact package around. I make this simmons inspired board with a rounded squared nose. Key features are the heavily rolled entry and step rails with thinned out tail. This board design applies the same planing hull concept as a traditional simmons with a few personal tweaks like a softened wide diamond tail. I make this board primarily as a quad setup for control and speed. I  also build them with twin keel and even a single fin. The wide point is placed just ahead of center and has a low entry and exit rocker. Stable in a wide range of conditions and designed for pure fun. Ride this board short, and enjoy a totally new wave riding sensation. This design has step rail and is all about flying across sections. Bottom contours are a rolled entry into flat moving into spiral vee through the board. Size ranges from 4’ all the way up to 6’6” (Mega Simmons).


Boards start at $850

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