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10 year anniversary of the OG! UPDATED for 2022 with step deck and refined bottom contours.

Fully Auto is the name and small wave automatic speed is this board’s game. This is my personal “go-to” small wave board that I have been building for years! I ride it as a quad and it stays in my truck all summer long. Ride this board at least a couple inches below your height. Size ranges from 5’ all the way up to 6’6”. The Fully Auto has medium/full rails. Wide point slightly aft of center. Bottom contours are a deep single concave all the way through the board and off the tail. You can get this board with or without the wide center channel. The entry rocker is LOW and the tail rocker is moderate. This board has a full and curvy outline with a wide tail block pulling back into a round pin tail. If  you like going fast in small waves, you need the Fully Automatic.


Boards start at $875

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