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The Glider

These boards are magic and will take your surfing into another realm. The flow of the Glider is unlike any other board in my lineup. It isn't called a Glider for nothing... the natural glide through the water and ease of movement with these boards is unreal. This board has long parallel outline/rails that pull back into a smooth pin tail. The Glider has a rolled entry. fairly flat middle, fading into vee out the tail. I make my gliders as single fins, 2+1 and 4+1. A medium entry and more pronounced tail rocker allow these boards to be surprisingly nimble. Rolled entry fading into 50/50 rails through the center blending back to 60/40 keep this board moving smooth and nimble through the water. You can order with; classic resin tint, pinlines, fabric inlay and an endless list of cool ideas when it comes to decking out your Glider. Size ranges from 9’6” all the way up to 12'.


Boards start at $1700

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