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The Vespa.

This board is my take on a classic winged swallow tail twinny. Reminiscent of the classic MR twin with my own spin on the rails and bottom contours. This board is designed to be fast and loose in a very wide range of surf conditions. Ride this board a couple inches above your height or shorten it up so that you can throw it around in the pocket. Size ranges from 5’ all the way up to 7’. The Vespa has a beaked nose, medium rail and thinned out winged swallow tail. Wide point slightly ahead of center. Bottom contours are a slight single concave to double between the fins and a decent amount of vee off the tail. The entry rocker is very low and exit rocker is moderate. This board has a slightly pulled in outline for a twinny with full wing behind the fins and tight swallow tail. Take the 80s twin, update it and go have fun on the Vespa.


Boards start at $850

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