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Some folks think SUP surfing is vanishing… not a chance! At Runyon Surfboards, SUP surf is alive and well. 

The Banyan is the most versatile "All Around" SUP in my lineup. Fun in any condition, this board is a wave catching machine you need to ride to believe. It has a full outline, nose to tail, creating a stable platform for the surfer. This allows you to go much shorter yet keep the volume and planning surface you need on the wave face. The Banyan has a rounded nose and can be ordered as a swallowtail, Wide squash, diamond or round tail. I make this board standard as a five fin setup in either FCS or Futures fins. The wide point is at center and the Banyan has a medium entry and a moderate exit rocker. The foil on this board is moderate with a flat deck and fuller rail, but can be tailored to your specifications. You can order this board with step rails or as a rolled deck to add a bit more volume. 

When it comes to SUP surfing every rider is different. I custom build all of my SUPs by hand to your exact specifications. The Banyan size ranges from 6’10” to 9’6”. Bottom contours are a flat entry with spiral vee through the center of the hull bottom moving into light spiral vee out the back. All of my SUPs are EPS foam and epoxy resin. You can get classic glassing or go with a full carbon fiber layup if you want the lightest and strongest board possible.


Boards start at $2100

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